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Friday 22 January 2016

Autogrow textarea Angular directive with vertically centered text

This post is about emulating input[text] with a textarea element to create a text wrapping input that adjusts its height to the amount of content it holds. A working example can be found on Plunker.

When was the last time you asked yourself about input[text] element's user experience and usability? Well in normal situation (that is likely 90% of the time) this element works great but in the remaining cases it may not be ideal. Whenever you need your users to enter long(er) one-liners input[text] may not be your best option as it can't wrap text so part of it outside element's boundaries is being hidden. If nothing else, it's distracting to users.

You mainly have two options here each with its ups and downs:

  • textarea element - very similar to input[text] as it allows entering unformatted text that can wrap as many lines as its length requires; it has some styling problems though (I'll explain that in a bit) and also allows entering multiple lines of text which may be undesirable but easy to handle/prevent
  • content editable div element - it can easily be styled to look exactly like input[text] and it also wraps long lines of text (normally) just like textarea; the main problem is controlling its behaviour to prevent text formatting in a cross browser way

Of the two options the first one seems simpler so let's implement it.